K-Boom is a short stress game where you have 10 seconds to find the right button on a complex panel.

The fate of the world depends on your actions! You only have 10 seconds to find the right button or everything will explode. But beware, there is only one correct switch, and any wrong decision will lead you to… BOOM!
Use your mouse to interact with the console. When you hover a button, it may react in three different ways:

  • a “bzzz” sound can be heard
  • a camera shake can occur
  • the control panel text can change.

Find the only switch that has those three behaviors among the other fake ones. Continue to succeed to score the remaining time until you fail.

K-Boom was made in 24h as a Gamejam with Phaser in JavaScript.


  • Maude "Maudster" L'Hoir : 2D art
  • Wendy "Shadowsun" Broeckx : Dev

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