Heart princess is a Cute Shooter where you spread love instead of lasers!

You control a ship made to share love : The Heart Princess. Your objective is to save the world from grumpiness by shooting hearts to grumpy animals.

You move using the arrows and shoot using space.

There is 3 boosts that can drop from enemies : 

  • Health : you can stack 5 of thems
  • Overcharge : makes you shoot more love
  • Invulnerability : well that one is pretty obvious :3

When your score reach a certain level, a big BOSS chubby and grumpy hamster will spawn.

Heart princess  was made in a few days as a game Jam with Phaser in Javascript.

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Published 14 days ago
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Cute, LÖVE, Retro, Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes

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