Heart princess is a cute shooter where you spread love instead of lasers!

You control a ship designed to share love: The Heart Princess.
Your objective is to save the world from grumpiness by blasting heart shaped projectiles to pettish animals.
You move using the arrows and fire with the space key.

There are three boosts that can drop from enemies:

  • Health: you can stack five of them
  • Overcharge: makes you shoot more love
  • Invulnerability: well that one is pretty obvious :3

When your score reaches a certain level, a big, chubby and grumpy hamster BOSS will spawn.

Heart princess was made in a few days as a game Jam with Phaser in JavaScript.


  • Anais "Thelittlepadawan" Martelo : 2D art
  • Lauri "Lightbolt" Busa : 2D art
  • Maude "Maudster" L'Hoir : 2D art
  • Wendy "Shadowsun" Broeckx : Dev

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